Every detail of the V-Special is proof that it is a pure Lambretta.

Metal craftsmanship

Lambretta introduces the double layer side panel. The base is an ingenious 1.2 mm steel middle beam that stretches to the sides in an airplane profile architecture. This construction not only enables Lambretta owners to reach their engine easily, but also avoids unnecessary added weight.

The sides are then covered with side panels that can be delivered in different shapes and colours. The standard V-Special is ‘monocolore’, but can be easily custimised to a two color edition ‘bicolore’. Lambretta has chosen to link up with the fashionable hard colours of the current era like lead, brown and orange next to the more regular colours white, red and blue.


Every detail of the V-Special is proof that it is a pure Lambretta: Head and rear lights and the key show the Lambretta trademark, while the front shows the logo of Innocenti, the founder of Lambretta. A large luggage area can be found under the comfortable seat. In regards to technology, the new V-Special is up-to-date. Front and rear disc brakes provide excellent braking performance and the LED lights care for good visibility on the streets. The digital display and the USB charging portal finalise the technical features.