We want to introduce to you some of our riders all over the world and we are getting started with Marco Giacomazzi from Sydney, Australia.

Here is Marco’s story:

I have always been interested in all things automotive. Then earlier this year I finally decided to purchase a scooter.
When I was researching which scooter I wanted to buy, Lambretta immediately captured my interest. I really like the simplicity of the design and how you can see the heritage of the original Lambretta designs carried over in this modern version.

From the first moment on I was enthusiastic about the brand and I purchased my black Lambretta V200 without even a test ride… I have loved it ever since!
The scooters not only have a great modern design but they are also very comfortable and easy to ride, even for a new rider. And it is lots of fun! Living in Sydney, my Lambretta is great to travel around the city. I am really looking forward to all the rides with my Lambretta that are yet to come!

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