Lambretta retouched – Jack The Ladd

Lambretta Retouch – Jack the Ladd
Jack the Ladd was built by Gareth Jones from Lille, North Wales, in memory of his father, who passed away unexpectedly in January 2017.

Gareth has always been a huge fan of Lambrettas and Vespas and has restored a few in his youth. For years he dreamed of owning his Lambretta again in order to restore and retouch it. After purchasing the Lambretta, he conceived the idea of restoration and creativity. This was put on hold when his family was hit hard by the news of his father’s sudden and tragic death.

His father always supported his love of scooters, cars and bicycles. Then it became clear who Gareth’s muse should be. Jack the Ladd was one of his father’s many nicknames and Gareth’s favorite. He perfected the design of the Lambretta day and night, and when it was finished, he took it here to show off.

Gareth’s daughter Victoria said, “My grandfather would be very proud of what my father has accomplished. He is such a hard-working, selfless, funny and caring person. His hard work deserves recognition.”



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